MI 201 Assignment 3 Nike Social Media

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Social media has become a very powerful tool that has been leveraged as a way to promote brands, ideas, products, and people. Many entities who do not utilize social media and other internet tools tend to underperform as compared their counterparts which do utilize those tools. Among many of the methods you can use for online promotion, some methods reach far more individuals than others. Twitter, for example has over 317 million monthly active users which translates to an immense amount of coverage across the internet. Facebook also has about 1.79 billion active users which is also a huge portion of the market. Utilizing just these two social media outlets allows for a coverage of almost a quarter of teh worlds population. This will be a case-study on the social media footprint of the company named Nike.

Nike Website

The official Nike website consists of an online store that allows for the customization of gear and purchasing of many products. The website also has links to brands like Jordan which is also owned by Nike, Hurley, and Converse.

The website allows you to create an account which is mainly used for the online store and checking promotional deals.

Mobile Apps

Nike has quite a few mobile apps both on the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store. Here is a listing of a few of the apps:

Apple App Store:

There are more apps that can be found by clicking the App Store link above.

Android Play Store:

There are more apps that can be found by clicking the Play Store link above.

Nike obviously understands that mobile devices hold a huge portion of the consumer market and have a plethora of apps that consumers can choose from. This bodes well for their advertising campaigns because of the interactivity of mobile applications.

Twitter Presence

Nike’s Twitter presence is extremely vast when it comes to exposure. There are two main accounts for Nike, one is the @Nike account which is mainly an account where they post promotional videos and posts where Nike promotes its new products and introduces new content for their featured athletes. The account has quite an audience with 7.06 million followers at the time of this writing. The account was created back in November 2011 and since then has had about 32 thousand tweets. Using a tool called tweetchup an analysis was run on the account from January 1 2017 to June 25 2017. Below is a graph of the tweet activity. According to the analysis, the account is most active between 3PM and 12AM and averages about 16.1 tweets per day.

Here are two of the most popular Tweets that mention the @Nike account:

@Nike is not the only Twitter account Nike created, they have many more accounts listed below (but not limited to):

There are many many more accounts that I would rather not list here but you can view the search results here. The vast number of accounts shows a very special feature of Nike’s Twitter presence, they are optimizing and fragmenting the populations into very specific and isolated groups which are targeted towards a specific sector of the brand. This has proved very successful for Nike because they have been able to recruit many supporters of the brand because of their Twitter accounts and activity.

Facebook Presence

Searching Nike on Facebook yielded a large number of results ranging from Pages, Groups, Marketplace results, News, and featured posts.

The Nike page on Facebook is very interactive with tons of content ranging from dicussions forums, to videos, to photos, to events, to locations, to a full blown marketplace. The page currently has about 28,419,201 people who have liked it at the time of this writing. 28,152,461 follow the page which means they’re Facebook news-feed gets updates form the page.

The Nike Facebook account also has a link to the Nike Instagram page which contains almost 900 posts and 73.2 million followers.

Here is the most recent post from the Instagram account:

Debate This. Kevin Durant is now a world champion. #nikebasketball

A post shared by nike (@nike) on

One of the most controverisal and barrier breaking posts Nike made was also posted on Instagram which was showing how far the reach of Nike has come. Below is the Instagram post of that ad campaign that depicted a new Nike headscarf product that would truly make Nike a global brand. At the time of this writing, the post had 2,771,990 views.

Blog posts featuring Nike

Nike EARL Self Lacing Shoes

One of the coolest blog posts about Nike is one that explains the design of the Power-Lacing shoes Nike invented in a secret lab. The post goes in depth on the Nike Hyper Adapt which auto laces the shoes to a perfectly tight nit fit.

The technology is called EARL (electro adaptive reactive lacing) which is built on the lacing engine in the bottom of the shoe. Fly wire is used to develop a fit system which fits the shoe to your foot. The development consisted of 28 years of brainstorming and 11 years of research and development.

An Interview with Nike’s Phil Knight

The article titled High-Performance Marketing: An Interview with Nike’s Phil Knight was written way back in 1992 which just comes to show how forward-thinking Nike has been about it’s marketing strategies.

Nike actually began back in 1962 and was named Blue Ribbon Sports before it was renamed to Nike in 1978. An excerpt from the article shows just how aggresive Nike was in regards to getting their product in the hands of winners:

Jon Anderson had won the Boston Marathon wearing Nike shoes, Jimmy Conners had won Wimbledon and the U.S. Open wearing Nike shoes, Henry Rono had set four track and field records in Nikes, and members of the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers basketball teams were wearing them. Sales and profits were doubling every year.

Keep in mind, up until this point, the Celtics and the Lakers have won 33 of the 70 championships in NBA history which would make them perfect candidates to promote the Nike brand, as they did.

The article goes on and on about how Nike constantly adapted its marketing practices in order to keep up with the direction of the market.


Overall, it is very obvious that Nike has been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to their online presence and incredible marketing tactics. Today, Nike is worth $87.12 billion and the stock continues to climb as they continue to ramp up their marketing presence. By utilizing all different methods of social media and constantly making their consumers away of their dominance, Nike has been able to sign athletes form all over the sports industry and has become one of the most iconic and recognizable brands in history. What’s next for Nike’s marketing strategies? Only time will tell.